IAMCR 2014 Evaluation Survey

IAMCR Newsletter | December 2014

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Following IAMCR 2014 in Hyderabad, 515 of the participants responded to an online evaluation survey. 

Participants rated the conference highly in a number of aspects. For example, 81% rated Manuel Castell's keynote speech positively, and 79% appreciated the special tribute to Stuart Hall, while only 3% rated these plenaries negatively. Similar evaluations (82% positive and 3% negative) were made of overall of the section and working group panels. Asked to rate their experience of the conference's opportunities for intellectual exchange on a five point scale with 1 being excellent and 5 very poor, 83% reported a 1 or 2 while 3% chose poor or very poor. 

Some of the results were surprising, including that 62% of the respondents reported that it was the first IAMCR conference they had attended and 39% reported that they were not IAMCR members. Of those who were not members, 61% said they plan to join. Clearly the conference served as a way of reaching out to new potential members, but it also makes clear that the next challenge is keeping those members.

Download here a more complete report of the survey results.

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