Migration roundtables for Africa and Asia

On 27 June 2022 two online roundtables on ‘Global South Perspectives on International Migration, Diasporas and Mobility in the Post-digital Era’ were organised by IAMCR’s Diaspora and Media Working Group. One of them focused on Africa and the other on Asia.

The Africa roundtable was organized by Dr. Ola Ogunyemi in coordination with Bowen University and the Asia roundtable was organized by Dr. Sumana Chattopadhyay. The final roundtable of the series, focusing on Latin America, will be organized by Dr. Sofia Zanforlin and Dr. Jessica Retis in June 2023.

The roundtables aim to bring together academics, media practitioners and policymakers in Asia, Africa and Latin America to explore regional perspectives on the challenges and prospects of international migration, diasporas and mobility in the Post-digital Era.

The three roundtables will build towards a book project on the same topic. The roundtables are funded by the Section and Working Group Project Funds offered by IAMCR.

You can watch the recordings of the Africa and Asia roundtables below.