IAMCR Elections 2016

IAMCR Newsletter - April 2016

In 2016 IAMCR is holding elections for its International Council and Executive Board.

On 3 April all IAMCR members were sent a message from Beate Josephi, chair of IAMCR's Election Committee, informing them that following a four-week nomination period, there are now two candidates for president, two candidates for vice-presidents, one candidate for secretary general, one candidate for treasurer and twenty-eight candidates for the International Council. The names and statements of all the candidates are posted on IAMCR's website at http://iamcr.org/election-statements-2016.

Beate also reminded members that IAMCR will use an online voting system. A link to a secure and anonymous online voting system will be mailed to all IAMCR individual and institutional members no later than 23 May 2016. Members will have until 23:59 GMT on 12 June to vote.