Programme - Barcelona, Spain - July 21-26, 2002

General information

Ten minutes is reserved for each paper presentation. For those
sessions with discussants, 10 minutes is reserved for comments by these
persons. Between 5 and 10 minutes is available for general discussion,
depending on the time taken by authors presenting papers and
discussants. Meeting rooms are to be announced later.


Monday, 14.30 - 15.30 

Session 1: Community Media and Social Movements

Chair: Nicholas Jankowski

Discussant: Laura Stein

John Downey & Natalie Fenton

New Social Movements, Counter Public Spheres and Global Modernity

Dorothy Kidd

The Independent Media Center Movement

Melissa Wall

Title: The Battle in Seattle: Constructing Movement Identities

Tina Andersen Huey

The Globalizing Community Against Globalization: Ideological Sympathy and Website Linking Patterns in the Case of Food Movements

Monday, 16.00 - 17.45

Session 2: Ethnicity and Community Media

Chair: Donald Browne

Discussant: John Downing

Panel: New World for the Old World: Contemporary Challenges Confronting Ethnic Media

(Not attending)

Achal Mehra

Inside Out: Asian Indian Media in the United States

Shekhar Deshpande (NOT ATTENDING)

Immigrants in a Bi-polar World: Film and Newspapers in Trinidad.

Hamdan Adnan (NOT ATTENDING)

The Struggles of Ethnic Media in Malaysia and Singapore

Leïla Ben Amor Mathieu

Ethnic Televisions and their Discourses on Identity. Symbolical Struggles at Prime Time. Case studies in Wales, Martinique and the United States

Panel: Ethnic Minorities and their Media: Constructing Communities Beyond Boundaries

Myria Georgiou

Mapping Minority Media in the EU: Mapping Participation in Communities Beyond a Bounded Europe

Nick Mai

The Albanian Diaspora-on-the-Making: Media, Transnational Identities and Migration

Mirca Madianou

'Being both a Turk and a Greek': Rethinking Identities, Boundaries and the Role of the Media

Leen d'Haenens, Cindy van Summeren, Madelon Kokhuis, Hans Beentjes

Ownership and Use of 'Old' and 'New' Media among Ethnic Minority Youth in the Netherlands. The Role of Ethnic-Cultural Position

Tuesday, 9.00 - 10.30

Session 3: Joint Session with PCR: Community Media and Social Action: New Inroads

Chair: Per Jauert

Discussant: Leen d'Haenens

Papers from Community Communication Section

Katerina Diamandaki Panou

Online Communities: New Spaces and Media for Cooperation and Collective Knowledge

David K. Dunaway

Pacifica Radio and Community Broadcasting in the U.S.

DeeDee Halleck

Burn!ing Issues in Communication Theory: a case study of internet freespeech within the university

Papers from Participatory Communication Research Section

Rosalind Bresnahan

Politics and Participatory Media during the Transition to Democracy in Chile 1990-2000: The Decline of Grass Roots Radio and Video.

Ullamaija Kivikuru

Different Means, Similar Goals, Long Way to Go: Two Attempts to Reach Grassroots Lifeworlds: ERNO Television Exchange in the Balkans and Democracy Radio in South Africa

Kwasi Ansu-Kyermeh

Two-way broadcasting and the power of participation

Tuesday, 11.00 - 13.00

Session 4: Communities of Interest and Locality

Chair: John Hochheimer (Not Attending)

Discussant: Elinor Rennie

Gustavo Cimadevilla (Not Attending)

Prensa, mercado y artificialización ambiental/ Press, market, and environmental constructions: How the Rural Turns into the Market

Madori Nasu & Koichi Iwabuchi

Cultural Citizenship of 'Here and There': Multicultural Public Sphere and Transnational Media Consumption of Japanese-Peruvians in Japan.

K.K. Jayan

Coffee shops as centers of social communication

Gisele Nussbaumer Marchiori

The Gay Communities in Cyberspace

Stephen Hocker

Springer is Burning: Ball Culture and Transgender Identity on Television Talk Shows

Ines Gabel

The Community Paper as a Tool for Constructing Collective Identity:

The Case of the Jewish Settlers' Paper in the West Bank

Maria Corominas Piulats

Local Communication in Catalonia. New Trends, New Challenges

Renee van Os & Nicholas W. Jankowski

Public Discourse in a Digital Debate: A Case Study of Digital Democracy in the City of Hoogeveen

Kwasi Ansu-Kyermeh

One Nation, Many Tongues

Claudia Schmidt

European integration as a challenge to regional television

Tuesday, 14.30 - 15.30

Session 5: Community Media: Policy and Practice

Chair: Nick Cauldry Discussant: Peter Lewis Sascha Costanza-Chock

Mapping the Repertoire of Electronic Contention

Per Jauert and Ole Prehn

State subsidies - added value?

Eryl Price-Davies

Defining "community radio"- an international perspective

Elinor Rennie

Community Media: Fenced Off or Walled Out? Finding a Space for Community in the New Media Environment

Tuesday, 16.00 - 17.45 (90 min; last 30 minutes reserved for Section business meeting)

Session 6: Alternative Media and the Changing Agenda of Media Research

Chair: Chris Atton (Napier University, Scotland)

Discussant: Dorothy Kidd (University of San Francisco, USA)

Chris Atton (Napier University, Scotland)

Mainstreaming the Alternative, 'Alternativising' the Mainstream? Flow and Counter-flow in News Cultures and New Social Movements

Nick Couldry (London School of Economics, UK)

Alternative Media and the Forgotten "Digital Divide"

John Downing (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Audiences and readers of radical media: the absent lure of the virtually unknown

Clemencia Rodriguez (Oklahoma University, USA)

The Voice of the Angel: Luce Irigaray and Citizens' Media

Lorna Roth (Concordia University, Canada)

The Colour Balance Project: Preliminary Reflections on its Contribution to Alternative Media Theory

Business meeting: last 30 minutes of session

Chair: Nicholas Jankowski with Per Jauert and Laura Stein

Poster Session

Arul Aram

Radio by the community, for the community

Joshis - Ila and Subhash

Multi Prong Approach: Intra and Intercultural Communication.

Josep Lluís Gómez Mompart

Prensa en español en Nueva York: el periodismo como identidad hispana. New York Spanish Press: Journalism as Hispanic Identity

Ricardo Pinto Carvalheiro

Media Communication and the Redefinition of Frontiers and Cultural Identities

Joao Kulcsar

The Use of Photography as a Tool to Visual Literacy

Josep Angel Guimera Orts

From Mesocommunication to Proximity Media

Antoni Castells Talens

Operationalizing Identity in Ethnic Minority Media: Five Indicators in a Maya Radio Station of the Yucatan

Tuesday, 9.00 - 10.30

Joint Session PCR & CC: Community Communication for Development

Chair: Tom Jacobson

Discussant: Jan Servaes

Robert White

Empowerment: Moving from the micro to the macro level

Guy Bessette

A Capacity-Building And Networking Program In Participatory Development Communication

T. R. Gopalakrishnan

Participatory Research Approaches and Poverty Alleviation Programs: An Exploratory Study of Micro-Finance Initiatives in India

(Not attending)

John L. Hochheimer

The Education of Meaning and Community Media Praxis: Critical Pedagogy and the Human Spirit

(Not attending)

Birgitte Jallov

Creating Sustainable Community Radio Stations - a major challenge!

Peter M. Lewis,

Whose experience counts? Evaluating participatory media