Journalism in Crisis: Corporate Media and Financialization

By Núria Almiron, 2010

Journalism in Crisis aims at explaining the financialization of corporate media and its consequences on journalism. The story starts by tracing back the roots of the links between finance and information and continues until the collapse of the current media conglomerates of the 21st century under the global 2008-2009 crisis.

Media history, theoretical approaches, and empirical data are provided as evidence of how news media producers have added financialization to corporate subordination. The goal is to denounce the weakness of the foundations on which the media industry has been building its empires, and the profound impact that this preeminence of finance over real economy has on a key facet of democracy.

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Title: Journalism in Crisis: Corporate Media and Financialization
Author: Núria Almiron
Published: September 2010
Imprint: Hampton Press
Pages: 212 pp
ISBN: 978-1-57273-980-2