Global Trends in Media Education

Edited by Tony Lavender, Brigitte Tufte and Dafna Lemish, 2002

Over the last decades Media Education has gradually obtained an educational status in many countries throughout the world although few countries have actually incorporated this subject in their formal school curricula. Where Media Education is taught today, it is principally carried out using a relaxed, pluralistic and a cross- or multidisciplinary approach.

This book sets out to explore this new approach to the subject via chapters that are representative of ongoing work by leading Media Education researchers in nine different countries and from all five continents. Media Education is continually evolving and the individual chapters indicate that the passion for the subject is global while the actual translations of practices and policies are very much local. The book expands the debate about Media Education beyond the traditions and interests of one part of the world to encompass the needs of the rest.

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Title: Global Trends in Media Education
Editors: Tony Lavender, Brigitte Tufte, Dafna Lemish
March 2003
Imprint: Hampton Press
Pages: 208 pp
ISBN: 1-57273-491-4

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