Propaganda in the 20th Century: Contributions to History

Edited by Jürgen Wilke, 1998

Never before has propaganda been as powerful as in the 20th century. Although propaganda has been studied for the past 50 years, it has by no means been described and analyzed completely—there are still large gaps in the scholarly literature. This volume not only fills some of these gaps but illustrates the internationality of the subject.

The studies presented go back to the origins of the 20th century and continue until the present day. They deal with episodes of propaganda in different parts of the world. Thus, the volume encompasses the different ways and theoretical approaches that can illuminate the study of propaganda: The history of organizations that carried it out, the framework and strategies, and the analysis of its means and content.

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Title: Propaganda in the 20th Century: Contributions to History
Editor: Jürgen Wilke
Imprint: Hampton Press
Pages: 164 pp
ISBN: 1-57273-121-4

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