The Independence of the News Media

Edited by Loïc Ballarini, this is the 15th title in the Palgrave/IAMCR book series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research.

This book explores the different ways Francophone research on news media has faced the challenges of dependence and independence from three complementary perspectives. The first is economics - how can sustainable business models be developed and to what extent can crowdfunding help to maintain the financial and editorial independence of newsrooms? Secondly, in a time where the role of journalism in the public sphere is more questioned than ever, the authors evaluate to what extent news media can embody the needs of their readers. Thirdly, the authors consider the historical and political context of publication in the light of the ‘Arab Spring’. This book deals with major, contemporary evolutions of news media, bringing together research that considers the media in France, Canada, and the Arab region (notably Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt). Using numerous case studies, this book helps to define how complex the question of independence is today.

This book:

  • Explains how complex the question of independence is today
  • Explores the different ways news media has faced the challenges of dependence and independence
  • Brings recent Francophone research on news media to the English-speaking reader

Loïc Ballarini is Associate Professor of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Lorraine, France. 

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    1. Introduction - Ballarini, Loïc
    2. Funding Print and Online News Media in France: Developments and Challenges - Rebillard, Franck
    3. French Media: Can Crowdfunding Serve Pluralism? - Ballarini, Loïc (et al.)
    4. Crowdfunding: Does It Make a Significant Contribution to Community and Independent Media in Quebec? - Brunelle, Anne-Marie (et al.)
    5. Audiences and Readership of Revolutionary Leftist Media: The “Media Leader” Hypothesis - Goulet, Vincent
    6. Occupation: “Net Cleaner”—The Socio-economic Issues of Comment Moderation on French News Websites - Smyrnaios, Nikos (et al.)
    7. The Local Press as a Medium to Create Diversion - Ballarini, Loïc
    8. Media Coverage of the Coalbed Methane (CBM) Controversy in Lorraine, Northeast France: How the Regional Daily Press Boosted the Social Acceptability of an Unpopular Project - Stein, Marieke
    9. The Transnationalisation of Information and Journalism: The Case of Arab Media - Guaaybess, Tourya
    10. A Conditional Offer: The Strategies Employed in the Field of Power in Morocco to Control the Press Space - Benchenna, Abdelfettah (et al.)
    11. The Algerian Press: Deregulation Under Pressure—The New Forms of Control or the “Invisible Hand” of the State - Dris, Cherif
    12. Tunisian Post-2011 Private Presses: Economic and Political Mutations - Klaus, Enrique (et al.)
    13. Fortune and Misfortune of the Egyptian Private Press: Sociohistorical Study of a Place of Production of Information - Benaziz, Bachir

                            The above text is from the publisher's description of the book.

                            Title: The Independence of the News Media
                            Editor: Loïc Ballarini
                            Published: 2020
                            Pages: 320