Communicology of the South

Communicology of the South

Edited by Carlos F. Del Valle Rojas and Francisco Sierra Caballero Communicology of the South: Critical Perspectives from Latin America is the 18th title in the Palgrave/IAMCR book series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research.

The book addresses new conceptual bases for thinking critically about communication as necessary for confronting power, property and the market as part of the daily resistance of Latin American subaltern cultures. The chapters explore an urgent field of situated knowledge and spark a much-needed dialogue. The editors view emancipatory communication experiences as disruptive acts of resistance, prompted mainly by social movements. These experiences have opened up political modes of communication by establishing a decolonising axis in the field of communication and reconstructing the history and memory of Latin America. This book will be a valuable reference for researchers, academics and students interested in the role of communication and culture in processes of social transformation.

This book:

  • Addresses new conceptual bases for thinking critically about communication
  • Explores how communication confronts power, property and the market in Latin American cultures
  • Views emancipatory communication experiences as disruptive acts of resistance

Carlos F. Del Valle Rojas is Professor and Director of the Doctorate in Communication at the University of La Frontera (UFRO), Chile.

Francisco Sierra Caballero is Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Group for Studies on Communication, Politics and Social Change at the University of Seville, Spain.   

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Francisco Sierra Caballero, Carlos F. Del Valle Rojas

Communicology of the South: The Bases of a New Critical Theory of Communication
Francisco Sierra Caballero, Eliana F. Herrera Huérfano, Carlos F. Del Valle Rojas

Educating Through Wonder: Notes Towards an Epistemology From the Origins
Amparo Marroquín, Olga Vásquez

From the Episteme of Domination to an ‘Other Possible Communicology’
Claudio Maldonado

Bastard Cultures, or the Reinvention of the Popular in a Pop Eye-View
Omar Rincón

Towards a De-Westernised, Intercultural Journalism: The Media and the Construction of Identities
Alex Inzunza, Rodrigo Browne, Amalia Ortiz de Zárate, Víctor Silva

Making Enemies: The Cultural Industry and the New Enemisation Modes
Carlos F. Del Valle Rojas


“This timely book makes a remarkable contribution to the understanding of scholarship developed in Latin America. In presenting a range of theoretical and methodological reflections, the volume brings together researchers who examine the bases of critical perspectives on communication. The book addresses issues, practices and communities rarely explored in the Global North. It will spark essential dialogues about the contributions produced in the Global South. Scholars of communication, media and cultural studies will find this volume especially useful.” (Jessica Retis, Professor at the School of Journalism, University of Arizona, USA)

"This book offers a comprehensive collection of current research in communication studies in Latin America. It is well grounded in the region's longstanding tradition of critical scholarship focused on political-cultural movements, decolonization, social identities, and conflict. The chapters survey a range of experiences across the region that, altogether, lay out the vibrancy of communication studies in the region. Kudos to the editors for putting together an important volume." (Silvio R. Waisbord, Professor at the School of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University, USA)

“Finally available also in English, Communicology of the South is a must-read for anyone willing to expand the horizon of their thinking about the interplay between communication, culture, and social transformation. The epistemic project promoted by the book forcefully emerges from a lively dialogue along dimensions typically sidelined by mainstream academia. Centering the “subaltern”, the “bastard”, the “imaginative”, and the “intercultural”, the book challenges and complements Western approaches to communication and culture.” (Stefania Milan, Professor of Critical Data Studies, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

“The Anglo discipline of communications is large—and largely undistinguished. For many decades, the most internationally interesting and influential work in the field has come from Latin America. This volume, both summative and original, is brilliantly curated by two globally-renowned editors. It will be a landmark." (Toby Miller, Stuart Hall Professor of Cultural Studies, Universidad Autónoma de México, Mexico, and Research Professor in the Graduate Division, University of California, Riverside, USA)


The above text is from the publisher's description of the book.

Title: Communicology of the South: Critical Perspectives from Latin America
Editors: Francisco Sierra Caballero and Carlos F. Del Valle Rojas
Published: 2022
Pages: 172