Stockholm 2008 - 'Ethics of Society - Ethics of Communication' Working Group Call for Papers


For the Swedish Conference of 2008, the proposal of this Working Group is to deal on  the subject “Ethics and Deontology of Public Relations”. The main reason is because Public Relations have become a fundamental instrument of communication, which up to now has not received the appropriated attention from the communication researchers. It is a contrasting  fact, because in practice they have  a very important role in all areas of social activities

The objective is to analyze the complexities of this form of communication as to encourage  the interest of the researchers  to devote their attention to it.

We suggest to take into consideration the following items:

  • The nature and concept of Public Relations
  • Their aims and their social role in all areas of  the development of any society, as an essential tool of communication
  • Their connection with the role of information and  persuasion
  • Public relations and their relationship with propaganda, disinformation and advertising
  • Public relations and politics
  • Public relations and the market
  • Public relations  and philantropy
  • Public relations  actors
  • Public relations as a profession
  • Their ethical  and deontological approach.  The role of the professional codes
  • State of the art of the ethical and deontological research in public relations

Those wishing to submit abstracts (500 words) are requested to address them to the convenor, Manuel Parés i Maicas (manuel.pares [AT], before 15 February 2008, including all personal references: a short c.v., University position, institution, address and email. Information of the acceptance by March 31.

The deadline for full papers is June 15, 2008

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona