Stockholm 2008 - International Communication Section Call for Papers

Stockholm 2008 - International Communication Section Call for PapersEXTENDED DEADLINE: 15 FEBRUARY 2008!

The International Communication Section Section invites submissions
related to the theme of the IAMCR 2008 Congress  – Media and Global
Divides. The theme is of significance to many areas of interest to the
International Communication Section. As media technologies, economies,
policies, practices, and culture have spread globally, and at
exponential rates in the last twenty years or so, so too have the
creations of differences of many kinds, and in many domains.

They open
up a host of questions that are central to the interests of the
International Communication Section. Some examples include the following:

  • Are there differences in the ways we can view and analyze divides now in the global era, and if so, why do they exist, and how might we approach such analyses?
  • What implications might such divides have for global flows of information?
  • How are such divides handled by diplomatic and foreign-policy making circles and how are they manifested in the media?
  • How do developing regions deal with such divides?
  • What leverages might such divides offer for alternate communication and global connections?
  •  What might we learn from the way such divides are cast and solutions sought, in various regions of the world?

The Section’s interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues and problems related to global media and communication
  • Challenges and opportunities presented by the processes of globalization to media and communication (include technology, culture, mobility and migrations, etc.)
  • New media technologies and international communication
  • Information and communication flow
  • Freedom of expression
  • Media and development
  • Global media ethics
  • Media and foreign policy
  • Theoretical and methodological concerns for studying global/international communication

For more information on the Congress theme, please visit

The International Communication Section encourages intellectual diversity and welcomes submissions from a variety of theoretical and methodological persuasions.

If you have questions, please contact Sujatha Sosale.

Guidelines for submission of paper and panel abstracts:

  1. Length: Abstract only should be submitted, and cannot exceed 500 words.
  2. Content: Abstract should include the paper title and provide an idea of the following: topic and significance, the main research question addressed, conceptual framework or theory (theories) from which the author(s) will draw, method and analysis, and expected outcomes. Up to five keywords should be included at the end of the abstract (Keywords: 1), 2), etc.).
  3. Author information: The name(s) of author(s) and title (professor, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, etc.), institutional affiliation, e-mail address and contact postal address should be provided on a cover page.
  4. Number of submissions: Each abstract may be submitted to one section only. Multiple submissions of the same abstract to different sections may result in removal of the duplicate abstract from consideration for the International Communication Section. However, authors may choose to submit abstracts on different topics to different sections.

Even though the IAMCR accepts presentations in Spanish, English, and French, it is requested that abstracts be submitted in English, to facilitate timely completion of the reviews and selections for the conference.

Deadline for submission of paper and panel abstracts: 15 February 2008

All submissions should be sent by e-mail, as attachments in readable format (MS Word or pdf formats) to the Section Head:

Authors will be notified about the results and selections between mid-March and early-April.

Download this document as a PDF file:

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