Stockholm 2008 - Psychology and Public Opinion Section Call for Papers


IAMCR Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, 20nd – 25th of July, 2008.

The Psychology and Public Opinion Section plans as in the last years three types of sessions at the Paris Conference of IAMCR.

  • First,  we intend to have a series of thematically open sessions devoted to papers which refer in general to the research area of the section, “Psychology and Public Opinion”. Here, a lot of topics will have a place, in especially those that refer to the overall conference topic “Media and Global Divides”. We hope to get a variety of interesting papers. We in general are interested in papers that are concerned with all types of communication and human interaction, media, their content, and their use and consumption, including the media of standardized content like TV and newspaper, the mediated interpersonal communication e.g. by mobile phone or Internet chats and interactive communication as it takes place in computer games or with robots of different type.

  • Second, the section is interested to promote the further theoretical discussions in general. In the last years  we organized panels about Goffman, Habermas, Schutz and Bourdieu. Following that tradition we would like to ogrenize for the Paris conference at least one session about “Foucault, Communication and the Media”.
    The work of Foucault is highly relevant for an understanding of the role and impact of media – not by content but as a part of society. We are looking for theoretical or empirical presentations which apply the ideas of Foucault to questions that belong to the area of media and communication research. Of course, also the theoretical discussion of consequences of his work, its relations to different topics of Communication research or a critic of his work is possible.
  • Third, the Section intends to make a session about the role of communication and media in families and households. Families and more general, households are under pressure in a lot of societies by meta-processes like Globalisation, Individualisation and neo-liberal developments. But still, they are the main place of media domestication and media use, and they are the place where children learn to operate with media and start their lifelong media career. The main question we would like to discuss is:  how this takes place today in the different cultures, different classes and with reference to the different possibilities to deal with media.
  • Forth, we would like to continue  what we started successfully in Paris  as a joint effort in cooperation with Claudia Padovani: to become an open space for the discussion  and development and critical assessment of the  methodologies we use and we need for communication research and especially for  international and cross cultural research projects, both quantitative and qualitative.  

Answers to this call should consist in an abstract of 500 words in English about the intended presentation, the title of it, the name, address and details of the affiliation of the sender. It is also possible to propose a full panel of four participants, which should come from at least three different countries. In this case we expect the four abstracts of the participants and in addition a framing text about the idea and the goal of the full panel. The Deadline for all abstracts is the 15th of February, 2008.

Proposals will be reviewed by the two heads of section and by further specialists, named by the heads. All authors will get an answer no later than the 30th of March, 2008.

If a proposal is accepted, the sender must fulfil two things. First, she or he must send a full paper until July, 1st  , 2008, Second, she or he must register her- or himself for participation at the Conference. This is possible by visiting Of course, also non members of the IAMCR are welcome.

All abstracts (and later all full papers) as well as further questions and necessary information should be sent by e-mail to the section heads:

Friedrich Krotz, (University of Erfurt, Germany)

Hillel Nossek, (College of Management Academic Studies, Israel)

Download this document as a PDF file:

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