Overview: How will online conference papers work?

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  • Papers accepted for presentation are grouped into “panels” according their topics/themes. Each panel is assigned a chair. This is done by the heads of the section or working group (S/WG).
  • Some S/WGs allocate a single discussant to each panel. Others assign a respondent to each paper within the panel (normally selected from the panel itself). The decision about which method to use it up to the heads of the S/WG. This allocation is done by the heads of the S/WG.
  • Respondents and discussants are given early access to the papers and invited to write a short comment to the paper/panel they have been been allocated. This could be a question, a statement or a suggestion and should be posted as soon as possible after the papers are posted online, on 12 July.
  • Chairs will monitor and guide the commenting process, motivate others to leave written comments, and encourage authors to respond to them.
  • All IAMCR members will have access to the papers and the commenting platform. Commenters can therefore include members of the same panel, other members of the section or working group, and IAMCR members in general.
  • Chairs will manage the commenting process, keeping the CCC feedback principle in mind: Comments should be Constructive, Courteous and still Critical.
  • The dialogue will be asynchronous, with potentially different threads (on a specific paper or on the overall theme that links the papers, for example). The dialogue will begin on 12 July and continue until 12 September, when the conference papers will be taken offline.
  • Authors will be issued with a PDF certifying the presentation of their conference paper to IAMCR Online 2020.