Overview: What are online sessions?

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Online sessions are a series of pre-recorded sessions produced by sections and working groups (S/WGs). They will be launched on a rolling schedule from 13 to 16 July and freely accessible to all IAMCR members until 12 September on a platform will allow for written questions and comments from viewers and answers from presenters.

  • Each participating S/WG will produce one online session. Not all S/WGs are participating
  • The sessions are produced by the heads the S/WGs
  • Section heads will decide the themes, formats and speakers. There are many possibilities and creativity is encouraged.


These sessions may include presentations based on submitted abstracts, or the S/WG heads may decide to organise a panel around an entirely new theme, for example, about emerging scholarship around health communication and the coronavirus, or a roundtable made up of 4 or 5 selected members who are invited to discuss emerging research in different areas covered by the section or working group.


Two overall formats are envisaged.

  1. In the first format, 3-6 presenters will produce individual recordings to be delivered to the coordinator or moderator, who will then pass them to Tampere, either as several files or as a composite video of the individual presentations.
  2. In the second format, the presenters will convene in a single online video meeting on Zoom or another platform. The one-hour meeting is recorded and the complete video is sent to Tampere for uploading to the conference site. This format enables interaction between the participants and the moderator.