Programme | Wednesday 15 July

Plenary: "Communication in the post-Covid-19 world", chaired by Sinikka Torkkola of Tampere University

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09:00 EEST / 06:00 UTC/GMT
Global Media Policy Working Group: "Global Communication Governance at the Crossroads"
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Chair: Claudia Padovani (University of Padova)

  • Alison Gillwald (Research ICT Africa) introduced by Veronique Wavre (University of St. Gallen)
  • Maria Michalis (University of Westminster) introduced by Petros Iosifidis (City University of London)
  • Rikke Frank Jorgensen (Danish Institute for Human Rights)
  • Leslie Regan Shade (University of Toronto) introduced by Arne Hintz (Gardiff University)
  • Robin Mansell (London School of Economics) introduced by Gerard Goggin (Nanyang Technological University)

11:00 EEST / 08:00 UTC/GMT
Media Production Analysis Working Group: "Studying Media Production in a Pandemic: Methodological Responses"
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Chair: Anna Zoellner (University of Leeds)

  • Lisa Lin (University of Kent)
  • Dongxiao Li (Tsinghua University)
  • Sithara Venkatesh (University of Madras)
  • Marina Budzenidze (Tbilisi State University)
  • Marina Kevkhishvili (Tbilisi State University)
  • Willemien Sanders (Utrecht University)

13:00 EEST / 10:00 UTC/GMT
Political Communication Research Section: "Political communication during the first months of the pandemic 2020"
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Chair: Martin Echeverría (Autonomous University of Puebla)

  • Yuan Zeng (University of Leeds)
  • Emilia Palonen (Political Science, University of Helsinki)
  • Daniel C. Hallin (University of California San Diego)
  • Jairo Alfonso Lugo-Ocando (Northwestern University)

15:00 EEST / 12:00 UTC/GMT
Plenary: "Communication in the post-Covid-19 world"
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  • Chair Sinikka Torkkola, Tampere University 
  • Simon Cottle, Cardiff University
  • Audrey Gadzekpo, University of Ghana 
  • Claudia Lago, University of Sao Paulo
  • Wai Han Lo, Hong Kong Baptist Unive

16:00 EEST / 13:00 UTC/GMT
Communication Policy and Technology Section: "Technology policies and data governance in time of crisis"
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Chair: Francesca Musiani (Centre for Internet and Society, National Centre for Scientific Research)

  • Jeanette Hofmann (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)
  • Clara Iglesias Keller (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)
  • Ksenia Ermoshina (Centre for Internet and Society, CNRS)
  • Elmie Nekmat (National University of Singapore)
  • Alison Gillwald (Research ICT Africa and University of Cape Town)
  • Sam Andrey (Ryerson University)
  • Angela Daly (University of Strathclyde)

18:00 EEST / 15:00 UTC/GMT
History Section: Roundtable: "Media and the Dissemination of Fear"
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Chair: Nelson Ribeiro (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)

  • Rachel Bertol (University Federal Fluminense)
  • Ana Paula Ribeiro (University Federal Rio de Janeiro)
  • Marcus Breen (Boston College), Ouzi Elyada (University of Haifa)
  • Gideon Kouts (University Paris 8)
  • Ruth Teer-Tomaselli (University of KwaZulu -Natal)

20:00 EEST / 17:00 UTC/GMT
Community Communication and Alternative Media Section: "Dealing with crises - Community communication and alternative media experiences from the Global South"
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Chair: Claudia Magallanes Blanco (Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla)

  • India Ramakrishnan Nagarajan (Ideosync Media Combine)
  • Venu Arora (Ideosync Media Combine)
  • Gizele Martins (Frente de Mobilização da Maré)
  • Renán Martínez Casas (Manos a la obra Comunicación comunitaria antiviral)
  • Alejandro Blanco (ReMC and Onda Color)
  • Isabel Lema Blanco (ReMC, CUAC FM and RICCAP, Universidade da Coruña)

22:00 EEST / 19:00 UTC/GMT
Journalism Research and Education Section: "Tribute to Ibrahim Saleh" 
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Chair: Claudia Lago (São Paulo University)

  • Claudia Lago (São Paulo University)
  • Kaarle Nordenstreng (Tampere University)
  • Beate Josephi (University of Sydney),
  • Sadia Jamil (Khalifa University of Science & Technology)
  • Surbhi Dahiya (Indian Institute of Mass Communication)
  • Sahar Talaat (Future University Egypt)
  • Kerry Green (University of South Australia)

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