Task Force on the Global Alliance for Media and Gender (GAMAG)

The IAMCR TF on GAMAG coordinates scholarly activities and support existing initiatives, in link with the Global Alliance on Media and Gender, concerning media and gender equality according to a holistic vision that includes issues of representation, participation, access, inclusion, safety and power balance.

Its activities include publications, meetings and seminars, and the design and development of research and teaching resources that can contribute towards stimulating dialogue, advocate policies and progress in achieving gender equality in all regions of the world.

In doing so, the IAMCR TF on GAMAG continues a tradition of engagement with national and supranational spaces of policy debate that has characterized the IAMCR, throughout its history, so that the collective knowledge developed through the association can be made relevant to the design of gender-aware communication futures.


Aimée Vega Montiel [contact]


Margaret Gallagher
Carolyn Byerly
Claudia Padovani
Maria Edström
Carla Cerqueira
Karen Ross
Usha Raman (EB liaison)