INTER/ACTIONS: Multimodal Academic Communication

The Multimodal Academic Communication Task Force focuses on three topics: debate about the possibilities regarding multimodal presentations, initiatives and strategies to stimulate the use of non-written communication of research results, and reflection on the use of such communication strategies.

The Task Force will investigate the possibilities for the use of multimodal academic communication. Thus, the task force will create a dialogue between written and non-written modes of academic communication, with the latter including audio-visual and (other) artistic modes, through sessions for audio-visual essays in IAMCR conferences and publications.

The Task Force will actively develop and implement strategies to stimulate the use of multimodal academic communication in IAMCR, at its events, in its publications, and by its members, with alternative formats that consist of the usage of audio-visual and/or artistic repertoires to communicate academic knowledge.

Finally, the Task Force will organize reflections about the use of multimodal academic communication through the (co-)organization of panels, conferences, and other events, and through the suggestion of (keynote) speakers at conferences and events organised by others.


Sandra Ristovska [contact]


  • Pedro Pinto de Oliveira, Professor, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Brazil [contact]
  • John L. Jackson Jr., Dean, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, USA [contact]
  • Jeremy Shtern, Associate Professor, Ryerson University, Canada [contact]
  • Johanna Sumiala, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland [contact]
  • Aysu Arsoy, Associate Professor, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus [contact]
  • Arezou Zalipour (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)  [contact]
  • Soraya Vasconcelos (NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal) [contact]
  • Nico Carpentier, Extraordinary Professor, Charles University, the Czech Republic (EB Liaison) [contact]