New Officials Search Task Force

The New Officials Search Task Force identifies candidates for vacant positions within the IAMCR Executive Board (EB) and the International Council (IC), with particular sensitivity to the diversity criteria outlined in Article 2 of the IAMCR Statutes. The Task Force informs potential candidates about the roles, tasks and responsibilities of EB and IC membership. The Task Force motivates potential candidates to accept nominations or to nominate themselves, but it does not nominate candidates itself, and it will exercise prudence not to dissuade IAMCR members to stand for election.

Task Force Members


  • Aimée Vega Montiel (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - UNAM) [contact]
  • Cees Hamelink (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) [contact]


  • Janet Wasko (University of Oregon, United States)
  • Pradip Thomas (The University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Tawana Kupe (Independent researcher, South Africa)