Ten good reasons to go to Durban for IAMCR 2012

orange_tickIf you haven't yet registered for IAMCR 2012 in Durban, the local organisers are going to give you ten good reasons to do so. The reasons will be published on their website over the next few weeks. The first one is:

An outstanding panel on ‘Freedom of the Media’

At a time when media is under fire for saying too little, saying it badly or not saying it at all, it is worth considering some of the constraints placed on journalists, broadcasters and newspapers, bloggers and aggregators, and the ways in which we as the informed public, expect our policy-makers and information providers to deal with them.  We have assembled a powerful panel of some of South Africa's most influential policy-makers, public protectors and journalists to speak on this theme.

Panelists include:

  1. South Africa's fearless female Public Protector, Advocate T.N. Madonsela
  2. Ace Sunday Times investigative reporter and champion of South African press freedom, Mzilikazi wa Afrika.
  3. Nelson Mandela's Rivonia trail lawyer and human rights legend, Advocate George Bizos.
  4. The Mail and Guardian's award-winning investigative journalist, Sam Sole.

For more information, including bios and photos of the panelists, click here.