IC and EB voting procedures

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This month IAMCR holds elections for the Executive Board and International Council from 1-15 April, 2024. Up for election are the Executive Board and the International Council. The election term is four years. The Executive Board consists of one president, two vice presidents, one secretary general and one treasurer. The International Council has 25 members. The nominations for the Executive Board can be found at https://iamcr.org/election2024/eb-candidates and those for the International Council can be found at https://iamcr.org/election2024/ic-candidates. These webpages also carry the endorsements these candidates have already received.   

Several sections and working groups are also holding elections this year. Those are separate elections that you can read about here.

Who can vote and how?

All current members are eligible to vote, including those who take out or renew their IAMCR membership until Friday 29 March. IAMCR has individual members and members who are part of an institutional membership. If you are an institutional member, only one voting link will be sent to the person IAMCR has on its file as contact person for that institution. Representatives of institutions can login to their account and see who holds the vote for their institution. Individual members have one vote and the institutional vote is counted as three votes per institution in each category. 

You will be sent a voting link from the address "IAMCR <elections@iamcr.org>" with the subject line "Vote now: IAMCR - Executive Board & International Council Election". 

When you vote, please make sure that you vote for all positions – that is for one president, two vice presidents, a secretary general and a treasurer. Similarly, please cast votes for 25 International Council candidates.


Endorsements can be posted by paid-up IAMCR members on the candidates’ pages. They can be in any of IAMCR’s three languages, English, French or Spanish. 

Voting starts Monday, April 1. Please vote!