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Name Affiliation Country/Territory Keywords
Dr. Noor Hasbi Yusoff

American University in the Emirates , College of Media and Mass Communications

United Arab Emirates

social semiotic, visual epistemology, culturally responsive UX, religious symbolism, cyber Islamic environment, ethics

Xian Yuzhu China
Anastassia Zabrodskaja

Tallinn University; Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School

Ms. Roja Zaitoonie

Ruhr University Bochum, Institute for Media Studies


Media Development, Human Rights, United Nations, Social Constructivism, Empirical Communication Research

Dr. Anna Zaluczkowska

Leeds Beckett University

United Kingdom
Valeria Zamisch

Fundación Comunica

Dr. Sofia Zanforlin

Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil


belonging, intercultural communication, diversity, migration, cities,

Joel Zaporteza

Adamson University

Dr. Franco Zappettini

University of Liverpool

United Kingdom
Ivan Zassoursky

Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism

Russian Federation
Yassen Zassoursky

Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism

Russian Federation
Karin Zelano

NORDICOM, University of Gothenburg

Dr. Asta Zelenkauskaite

Drexel University

United States

audience research, mixed-method approach, social media, online interaction, user analysis

Dr. Barbie Zelizer

Annenberg School for Communication

United States
Mr. Jiru Zeng

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Dr. Yuan Zeng

University of Leeds

United Kingdom
Ms. Nicole Zerrer

Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Dynamics of Communication, Knowledge and Spatial Development

Markéta Zezulková

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism

Czech Republic
Cuomo Zhaki

Loughborough University, Department of Social Sciences

United Kingdom
Mr. Xiaoxing Zhang

School of Communication, Simon Fraser University


political economy of communication, global communication, cultural politics, ethnic media, and rural communication

Xixi Zhang

University of Montreal

Dr. Suqiu Zhang

Communication University of China

Jinniu Zhang China
Prof. Yanqiu Zhang

Communication University of China

Dr. Shixin Zhang

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, School of International Communications


International Journalism, Crisis Communication, War Reporting, China