IAMCR Newsletter - May 2021

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Letter from the President

Nico Carpentier, President, IAMCR

In this letter to the members, IAMCR's president, Nico Carpentier, reflects on preparations for the upcoming online conference and on a few innovations that will have lasting impact on the association. Read the letter >

IAMCR Nairobi 2021

The School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts of the United States International University-Africa in Nairobi, Kenya will host IAMCR 2021 online conference. Visit the conference website at https://nairobi2021.iamcr.org

Deadline for OCP papers

If you are author or co-author of a paper accepted for Online Conference Papers (OCP) you received an email last week reminding you that the deadline for submitting papers is is Monday 7 June. If your paper has already been submitted, there is nothing more do. If it hasn’t, the place to submit it is at https://iamcr.org/nairobi2021/papers-submit.

Plenaries @ 2021

IAMCR 2021 will have 5 online plenary sessions, one for each day of the conference. Unlike other parts of the conference, the plenary sessions will be public – open equally to IAMCR members and non-members. The lineup of plenary sessions will address the main conference theme, Rethinking borders and boundaries: Beyond the global/local dichotomy in communication studies, and 4 other themes, The Rebirth of Populist Discourses, Media Scholarship as Resistance, Decolonizing Communication, and Identity & Intersectionality. See the list of speakers on the conference website > 


If you are an IAMCR member, registration for IAMCR 2021 is free. If you have submitted an OCP paper, then you are already registered. If you are not submitting an OCP paper, you will be able to register anytime after 15 June. https://iamcr.org/nairobi2021/registration.

Make your own IAMCR 2021

Apply for a No travel grant to support your No travel event!

IAMCR has a long tradition of offering travel grants to support members who would otherwise be unable to attend our annual conferences. With the global pandemic restricting travel and obliging IAMCR to hold its conference online, we can’t offer members a chance to travel to IAMCR 2021, but maybe we can help IAMCR go to you...

We are offering up to 24 no travel grants to IAMCR members in low and middle income countries who will organise IAMCR no travel events during IAMCR 2021.

Find out more and apply >

Other IAMCR News

IAMCR webinar series continues

IAMCR’s new webinar series is a big success. Last week we held the fourth in the series, featuring authors and editors of the recently-published Re-imagining Communication in Africa and the Caribbean: Global South Issues in Media, Culture and Technology. On 4 June the Gender and Communication Section will lead a webinar on 'Ecologies of care', health and despair in the Covid-19 pandemic age: The care manifesto, and on 9 June the Media Education Research Working Group will lead one titled Is Media Education a Movement or a Field? For the latest information and recordings of some of the past webinars, go to https://iamcr.org/webinars.

Section and Working Group Elections

Several of IAMCR's sections and working groups will hold elections for their leadership teams in 2021. Voting will take place online from 16 June to 14 September following the new Section & Working Group online election rules. See the sections and working groups that are holding elections and their candidates' statements at https://iamcr.org/s-wg/elections2021

Members' books

IAMCR members are invited to announce their recently published books and book chapters to the IAMCR community and website visitors. Click here to see the most recent ones.