S&WG Head elections 2021

Photo: (cc) flickr user https://flickr.com/photos/life_is_good_pete/

Several of IAMCR's sections and working groups will hold elections for their leadership teams in 2021. Elections will be held online from 16 June until 14 September following the new Section & Working Group election rules

The deadline to submit candidacies is 16 May 2021.

Current members of IAMCR (either directly, or through an IAMCR institutional member who has listed them among its IAMCR representatives), who are also registered as members of the section or working group, are eligible to stand for a leadership position and to vote. To join a Section or Working group, log in to your IAMCR account and select “My Sections and Working Groups” from the menu.

Click on the name of any section or working group to go to the page with its call for candidates. Candidate statements will be added after the deadline for nominations.