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IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar

News Agencies in Transition: An Exploration of Their Status Quo, Challenges, and Future Prospects

IAMCR invites presenters for the upcoming IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar titled "News Agencies in Transition: An Exploration of Their Current State, Challenges, and Future Prospects", convened by Jasmin Surm from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. The deadline for applications has been extended to 01 May 2024.

The webinar will take place on 21 May 2024 at 08:00 UTC.

This webinar serves as an opportunity for PhD researchers to showcase their work, fostering a rich scholarly dialogue on news agencies.  Additionally, it seeks to facilitate networking opportunities and encourage a meaningful exchange of ideas among different generations of news agency scholars.

News agencies play a crucial role in shaping the global news agenda as collectors and distributors of news. Despite their significance, they have received less academic attention, particularly in comparison to other media organisations. This is noteworthy, given their vital role in maintaining a broad network of foreign correspondents, albeit with some reductions.

Recognising the essential role of news agencies in the global media system, the IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar aims to address this gap by providing a platform for PhD researchers to present their projects. The focus is to contribute to the academic discourse on news agencies within the global media landscape, emphasising the importance of understanding their status, challenges, and future outlook.

We encourage interested PhD researchers to participate and contribute to the comprehensive understanding of news agencies in today's evolving media environment.

Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

Any exploration of the status quo, challenges, and future horizons of news agencies in the respective area of focus, which can include topics such as:

  • Economic Pressures: Examining the economic challenges news agencies face, including their evolving business models and strategies for ensuring financial sustainability.
  • Ownership Structures, Business Models and Editorial Independence: Discussion on the influence of ownership structures on news agency operations, editorial decision-making processes, and editorial independence. 
  • Technological Adaptation: Exploration of how news agencies leverage technology, including artificial intelligence and automation, to enhance news gathering, production, and distribution processes. 
  • Disinformation, Fake News and Ethical Considerations: Investigation into the role of news agencies in combating disinformation and fake news. This can include fact-checking initiatives, content verification processes, and collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Globalisation vs. Localisation: Analysis of the interplay between global and local news coverage and production, and how news agencies navigate this balance in their reporting practices. This exploration can include an examination of the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for news agencies in serving diverse clients with diverse audiences in different geographical, linguistic and cultural contexts. 
  • News Agency Personnel: Analysis of the roles and challenges of diverse professionals working within and for news agencies. 
  • Future Pathways: Exploration of potential future directions for news agencies, including business models, emerging technologies, and strategies.

To submit your paper for presentation in the webinar, please download and complete the application form (*). Send the completed form to Jasmin Surm (, the convenor of the webinar, and Mazlum Kemal Dağdelen (, the assistant to Nico Carpentier, IAMCR President, with the subject line “IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar: Title of your Paper Proposal” by 01 May 2024, 23.59 UTC. If there are multiple presenters, each should fill out an individual application form and send all forms in one email.

Please note that only IAMCR member PhD students are eligible to present in the IAMCR Presidential PhD Research Webinar.


  • Deadline for Applications: 01 May 2024, 23h59 UTC
    Decision Announcement: 06 May 2024
    Submission of the final presentations (and a brief note on the research): 16 May 2024 
    Date of the Webinar: 21 May 2024

Download the application form

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