IAMCR calls upon the management of Goldsmiths University of London, to reverse its suspension of two leading academics in the field of Media and Communications - Professor Des Freedman and Dr Gholam Khiabany, Head of Department and Deputy Head, respectively, of the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. 

IAMCR calls upon the Brazilian authorities to address the killings of journalist, Dom Phillips, and Brazilian Indigenous advocate, Bruno Pereira with urgency and diligence in recognition of the sanctity of life and in defence of the freedom of expression, the right to communicate, and the protection of cultures, territories and human beings in the Amazon.

IAMCR is pleased to announce that the 2022 award in memory of Herbert I. Schiller will be awarded to Siyuan Yin (Simon Fraser University) for her paper titled: "Situating Platform Gig Economy in the Formal Subsumption of Reproductive Labor: Transnational Migrant Domestic Workers and the Continuum of Exploitation and Precarity".

IAMCR is pleased to announce that the 2022 Climate Communication Award will be awarded to Gabi Mocatta (Deakin University & University of Tasmania) and Chloe Lucas (University of Tasmania) for their project: "Curious Climate Interactive", with an Honourable mention to Shravan Regret Iyer.

5 July, 2022 - IAMCR's Publication Committee and the outgoing editors of the Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research series, Marjan de Bruin and Claudia Padovani, invite all IAMCR members to celebrate ten years work on IAMCR and Palgrave/Macmillan’s series and to give a warm welcome to the new editors, Sadia Jamil and Bruce Mutsvairo. Pre-registration is required.

IAMCR is pleased to announce that the 2022 Urban Communication Research Grant will be awarded to Dishha Medhavi and Kulveen Trehan (Guru Gobind Singh University, New Delhi) for their project "Street art for COVID-19 preparedness and response among Urban Poor of New Delhi in India".

IAMCR books

We are pleased to announce the release of the seventh title in the Global Handbooks in Media and Communication Research series, co-published by Wiley and IAMCR. Edited by Yoel Cohen and Paul A. Soukup, The Handbook of Religion and Communication provides a contemporary view of the intertwined relationship of communication and religion.

Edited by Sarah Anne Ganter and Hanan Badr, this is the 19th title in the Palgrave/IAMCR book series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research. The book offers a critical map to navigate the field of media governance.

Members' books

By Pradip Ninan Thomas, this volume provides an introduction to some of the issues and challenges related to platform regulation and the conundrums and paradoxes involved.

By Justine Humphry, this book examines how mobile phones and the internet have become a vital part of the everyday lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Edited by Teresa Puente, Jessica Retis, Amara Aguilar and Jesus Ayala Rico, this book offers a critical and practical guide for journalists reporting on issues affecting the Latinx community.

Edited by Abiodun Salawu, Tshepang Bright Molale, Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed and Mohammad Sahid Ullah, this book brings together voices from the margins in underrepresented regions of the Global South, within the context of scholarship focusing on indigenous languages and development communication.