Members' books

In this section we announce recently published books by IAMCR members to the IAMCR community. If you are a member of IAMCR and would like to have your recent book listed, send us a message...

In this timely book, critical theorist Christian Fuchs asks: What is nationalism and what is the role of social media in the communication of nationalist ideology?
By Iginio Gagliardone, this book provides the first assessment of China’s new model for the media strategies of developing states, and the consequences of policing Africa’s information space for geopolitics, security and citizenship.
By Dal Yong Jin, this book maps out the increasing role of digital platforms as they have shifted the contours of globalization.
By Vaia Doudaki and Angeliki Boubouka, this book develops a framework for identifying discourses of legitimation of actors, political decisions, and policies in the news.
By Pier Paolo Frassinelli, this book examines concepts of the border and translation within the context of social and cultural theory through the lens of southern Africa.
By Vincent Mosco
Drawing on case studies from around the world that document the redevelopment of old cities and the creation of entirely new ones, The Smart City provides an essential guide to the future of urban life in a digital world.
Edited by Hilde Van den Bulck, Manuel Puppis, Karen Donders and Leo Van Audenhove, this volume covers the craft that is and the methods used in media and communication policy research.
By Cherian George and Gayathry Venkiteswaran, this study of Southeast Asian media and politics explores issues of global relevance pertaining to journalism's relationship with political power.
By Fiona Martin and Timothy Dwyer, this book explores the political economics and cultural politics of social media news sharing, investigating how it is changing journalism and the news media internationally.
Edited by Massimo Ragnedda and Giuseppe Destefanis, this publication fills the gap in our understanding of blockchain technologies by hosting a discussion of the new technologies in a variety of disciplinary settings.