The Gender and Communication section has issued its February 2023 newsletter including information about events and publications that might be of interest to its members. Read it here.

The Political Communication Research Section issued its February newsletter with the latest calls for papers, jobs and networking opportunities, publications, and events that might be of interest to the section's members.

03 March, 2023 - IAMCR's Journalism Research and Education Section sponsored the webinar titled "Empowering Women Journalists in the Global South", reflecting upon the diverse issues that impinge on women journalists’ professional lives and thus rendering them less empowered to perform their journalistic roles. 

21 February, 2023 - IAMCR will host a preconference to UNESCO’s Global Conference “Internet for Trust - Towards Guidelines for Regulating Digital Platforms for Information as a Public Good” at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The preconference is titled "Governing the Internet for Democracy: Lessons from Research Embracing a Multicentred World".

The Environment, Science & Risk Communication Working Group issued its latest newsletter with a reminder of the IAMCR 2023 abstract submission deadline, a call for reviewers and information about the Climate Communication Awards. Download it in PDF format.

The Participatory Communication Research Section regularly issues newsletters with information of interest to its members. The January 2023 issue includes a reminder of the IAMCR 2023 abstract submission deadline and a call for reviewers.

IAMCR books

Edited by Minna Aslama Horowitz, Hannu Nieminen, Katja Lehtisaari and Alessandro D'Arma, Epistemic Rights in the Era of Digital Disruption is the 21st title in the Palgrave/IAMCR book series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research.

Edited by Margaret Gallagher and Aimee Vega Montiel (2023)

This book engages contemporary debates on women’s rights, democracy, and neoliberalism through the lens of feminist communication scholarship.

Members' books

This distinctive publication, edited by Joan Pedro-Carañana, Rodrigo Gómez, Thomas F. Corrigan, and Francisco Sierra Caballer, is the first dedicated solely to research methods in political economy of media and communication. It offers a toolkit for analyzing media, technology, and cultural industries in various contexts.

Edited by Tim Dwyer and Derek Wilding, this book explores media pluralism policies for online news and the impact of innovative practices on public opinion in the social media era. The authors advocate for media policy updates to address platform and media concentration risks, prioritizing news diversity, sustainability, and quality.

Edited by Monique Lewis, Eliza Govender, and Kate Holland, "Communicating COVID-19: Media, Trust, and Public Engagement" brings together different scholars from around the world to explore and critique the ongoing advances of communicating COVID.

By Sílvio Henrique Vieira Barbosa and Luiz Henrique de Castro Pereira, "Press and Censorship in Brazil" explores the state of journalism in Brazil and the various forms of censorship it faces.