IAMCR 2010 Plenary Addresses Published

Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change

The title of this book, Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change, was the general theme of IAMCR's 2010 Conference hosted by the Communication and Society Research Centre of the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal in July 2010. The book is a collection of the conference's plenary addresses on the general theme in the hope that their publication will keep the debate alive.

In a time of profound economic and social crisis, the scientific community is expected to shed light on contemporary deadlocks and uncertainties. These texts are part of the indispensable continuous critique.

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Table of Contents


Opening ceremony

Opening words, by Annabelle Sreberny and Manuel Pinto

1. Building Accountable Media Cultures

Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change – Reflections on the Theme of IAMCR’s 2010 Conference
Hopeton S. Dunn

Accountability and Media Accountability: A View from India
Pradip Ninan Thomas

Building Accountability in Media Education via Media Education: A Human Rights Perspective
Divina Frau-Meigs

Building Accountable Media Cultures: some peculiarities of media accountability in digital environments
Marcos Palacios

Media Accountability as a Portal on the Limits of Conceptualization
Barbie Zelizer

2. Communication, Citizenship and Lusophony

Communication, Citizenship and Lusophony: An Introduction
John D.H. Downing

Globalization and Lusophone world. Implications for Citizenship
Moisés de Lemos Martins

Citizenship and Communication in the Millennium Crisis: Challenges in the academic community in Lusophone space
José Marques de Melo

Communication, citizenship and Lusophony: Rethinking difference
Margarita Ledo Andión

The Portuguese language in the emerging media ecosystem
Rosental Calmon Alves

Tribute to Denis McQuail

Denis McQuail: A Tribute and a Thank You
Peter Golding

Publication in a free society: the problem of accountability
Denis McQuail

The authors

Download Communication_&_citizenship.pdf (1.21 MB)

Title:Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change
Editors:Manuel Pinto & Helena de Sousa
Imprint:Grácio Editor
Pages:160 pp