Overview of IAMCR 2005 Conference

Shih Hsin University, Taiwan hosted the IAMCR Conference in Taipei, 26-28 July 2005

Media Panics: Freedom, Control and Democracy in the Age of Globalisation was the theme of the IAMCR annual conference.  Hosted by Shih Hsin University, this ‘off-year’ conference was attended by more than 270 researchers from 39 countries. Many lively paper sessions were organised by IAMCR’s Section Heads and Working Group Chairs. 

Participants were treated to opening plenary presentations by Professor Douglas Kellner of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) who emphasised the role of the media in perceived crises in democracy, and Diane Ying, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Commonwealth Magazine Group in Taiwan, who pointed to the growing tendency of the Taiwanese media to thrive on the reporting of spectacles in an intensely competitive market...