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IAMCR's 2012 conference took place in Durban, South Africa from 15-20 July, 2012. The conference theme was North-South Conversations

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The programme and abstracts from IAMCR's 2012 conference in Durban, South Africa are available for download.
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syringeYellow fever is an infectious disease caused by a virus carried by the Aëdes aegypti mosquito. South Africa does not have yellow fever but to avoid its introduction international health regulations require all travellers arriving from a yellow fever risk country to show proof that they have been vaccinated. This includes anyone whose flight included a stopover in a yellow fever risk country, even if they did not get off the plane. If you are travelling from or have passed through a yellow fever risk country in the six days before your arrival...
Now is the time to register for IAMCR's 2012 conference in Durban, South Africa. Click here to register online or here to visit the home page of the IAMCR 2012 website. Registration for the conference will only take a few minutes and involves a six-step process.
suitcase2IAMCR has awarded 10 travel grants of US$1,500 to offset the costs for ten members from low-income who will be attending and presenting papers at the 2012 Conference in Durban, South Africa, 15-20 July 2012.
Additionally, four grants covering conference registration fees were awarded to IAMCR members from low income-countries who support IAMCR as section or working group officers or active members of committees, and three to African students.
orange_tickIf you haven't yet registered for IAMCR 2012 in Durban, the local organisers are going to give you ten good reasons to do so. The first was a panel on Freedom of the Media.
The second is a plenary session on Nollywood and African Satellite Channels.
One of the most notable features of the African media landscape is the runaway success of the Nigerian film industry, dubbed Nollywood. In twenty years of its existence, Nollywood has placed Nigerian filmmaking footprints indelibly on the global filmmaking canvas....
orange_tickIf you haven't yet registered for IAMCR 2012 in Durban, the local organisers are going to give you ten good reasons to do so. The reasons will be published on their website over the next few weeks. The first one is:
An outstanding panel on ‘Freedom of the Media’.
At a time when media is under fire for saying too little, saying it badly or not saying it at all, it is worth considering some of the constraints placed on journalists, broadcasters and newspapers, bloggers and aggregators, and the ways in which we as the informed public, expect our...
suitcase2IAMCR is making a number of grants available to members in good standing from low-income countries who will be participating in our upcoming conference in Durban, South Africa.
Nine grants will cover the cost of registration and ten grants will include cash awards to help offset travel costs.
alt IAMCR's 31 Sections and Working Groups have reviewed the abstracts submitted and announced their decisions.
If you have submitted an abstract and have not received a response, you can verify the decision by logging into with the same username and password you used when you submitted your work. Select MY IAMCR-OCS from the main menu at the top of this page to login and go to your personal page.
1_sepia_Dear Fellow Members of IAMCR
You will be pleased to know that a new opportunity has been created for you to attend IAMCR's 2012 conference in Durban, South Africa from July 15 to 19. This opportunity, for those who have not yet submitted, is in the form of an extension of the deadline for submission of abstracts to February 28, 2012 via the IAMCR Open Conference System.
We recognize that all over the world, these are hard times. Europe is in the throes of a financial crisis, and the rest of the world reels. Money is tight,...
erythrina_caffraThe deadline for submissions of abstracts of papers and panel proposals for the IAMCR Durban 2012 Conference has been extended to February 28, 2012. This will permit applicants from all continents who could not make the earlier deadline to now submit their abstracts or panels for consideration for Durban.
The conference is to be held from July 15-19, 2012 at the Howard College Campus of the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) in Durban, South Africa.
The 2012 IAMCR conference will be held under the general theme, 'South-North Conversations'. The theme calls...