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IAMCR's 2007 conference marked the association's 50th anniversary. It was held in Paris, France, the city where IAMCR was first created.

The conference theme was Media, Communication, Information: Celebrating 50 years of theories and practices.

The programme and abstract books from IAMCR's 50th anniversary conference are available for download.

Reflections on IAMCR's 50th Anniversary - by Robin Mansell

Robin MansellWe had a very delightful and big 50th Anniversary celebration in Paris
in July 2007 thanks to the hard work of the Local Conference Organising
Committee.  We marked IAMCR’s history and we paid tribute to former
IAMCR President, Professor James Halloran, who died on 16 July shortly
before the conference.  There will be a lecture in his honour during
the 2008 conference.

IAMCR conference inaugurated

Paris 2007Paris, 23 July 2007 - IAMCR's 50th anniversary conference was inaugurated today at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Over three days (23-25 July) there will be more than 150 workshops and a further 100 poster sessions. More than 800 participants from 150 countries are attending. For more information, visit the conference website, consult the agenda online, or download it in PDF format. You can also read an article about the conference on UNESCO's website.

Greetings from a founding member

Roque FaraoneThis message was received from Roque Faraone, professor of Communication Theory at the University of the Republic of Uruguay and a founding member of IAMCR in 1957.

Dear President:

Unable to be in Paris, and being perhaps the last surviving founding member, I send to you and plenty of other friends my warmest feelings, and a wish: Long live the aims of peace and solidarity the founding members had in 1957!

Roque Faraone

Welcome to Paris

Robin Mansell, PresidentIAMCR celebrates its 50th anniversary this year in Paris where it was founded. The conference theme is “Media, Communication, Information: Celebrating 50 Years of Theories and Practices”. Together with the local organizing committee in Paris, I am very pleased to welcome you to this special conference year.

UNESCO support for IAMCR

UNESCOUNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has generously provided USD 17,500 to support IAMCR's 50th Anniversary Conference. Four reports are being prepared on: 1) Communication for Development; 2) Information Literacy; 3) Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society; and 4) Communication Strategies for HIV and AIDS.

Robin Mansell
President IAMCR

AIECS en Paris, UNESCO, 23-25 Julio 2007

La Asociación Internacional de Estudios en Comunicación Social les invita a juntarse con ella para celebrar sus 50 anos, en el marco de una conferencia internacional cuyo tema es " Medios, Comunicación, Información: Una Celebración de 50 Años de Teorías y Prácticas” en París, en la sed de la UNESCO. El comité encargado de la organización local desea darles algunos informaciones para la preparación de este acontecimiento.

AIERI à Paris, UNESCO, 23-25 Juillet 2007

L'Association Internationale pour les Etudes et Recherches en Information-Communication vous invite à se joindre à elle pour célébrer son 50ème anniversaire, lors d’une conférence internationale dont le thème est «Médias, Communication, Information : Célébrer 50 ans de théories et de pratiques », à Paris, au siège de l’UNESCO. Le comité chargé de l’organisation locale souhaite vous faire part de quelques annonces en vue de la préparation de cet événement.

Paris 2007 deadline extended, WGs to organise sessions

Paris 2007The deadline for submitting abstracts for the Paris 2007 IAMCR conference has been extended by one month to 15 February 2007. The extension was granted to give IAMCR members more time to prepare following a recent decision by the IAMCR Conference Committee and the Local Organising Committee to invite Working Groups to organise sessions. Previously only Sections were invited to coordinate sessions. 

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