Braga 2010 - Conference Abstracts

IAMCR's 2010 Conference was held 18-22 July 2010 in Braga, Portugal. The more than 1,200 abstracts accepted for presentation are now available for download from IAMCR's website in PDF format. Abstracts are organised by their respective Sections and Working Groups.



icon Audience Section (570.23 kB)

icon Communication Policy and Technology Section (575.18 kB)

icon Community Communication Section (443.67 kB)

icon Emerging Scholars Network Section (477.17 kB)

icon Gender and Communication Section (428.71 kB)

icon History Section (393.83 kB)

icon International Communication Section (559.25 kB)

icon Journalism Research and Education Section (713.96 kB)

icon Law Section (218.73 kB)

icon Media and Sport Section (241.08 kB)

icon Media Education Research Section (366.56 kB)

icon Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Section (626.51 kB)

icon Participatory Communication Research Section (566.03 kB)

icon Political Communication Research Section (809.25 kB)

icon Political Economy Section (554.67 kB)


Working Groups

icon Comic Art Working Group (146.51 kB)

icon Communication and HIV/AIDS Working Group (276.45 kB)

icon Diaspora and Media Working Group (170.66 kB)

icon Digital Divide Working Group (243.04 kB)

icon Environment, Science and Risk Communication Working Group (388.19 kB)

icon Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group (205.18 kB)

icon European Public Broadcasting Policies Working Group (176.71 kB)

icon Health Communication and Change Working Group (242.91 kB)

icon Islam and Media Working Group (133.03 kB)

icon Media Production Analysis Working Group (254.56 kB)

icon Media, Religion and Culture Working Group (297 kB)

icon Popular Culture Working Group (249.59 kB)

icon Post Socialist and Post Authoritarian Working Group (202.82 kB)


Emerging Themes

icon Crisis Communication Emerging Theme (300.35 kB)

icon Visual Culture Emerging Theme (228.37 kB)