Travel grants for Montreal 2015

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IAMCR will make thirteen grants worth up to US$1,500 each available to early-stage scholars, who are members in good standing, reside in low and middle income countries and will be participating with a full paper in our upcoming conference in Montreal, Canada.

The grants are to help offset the travel costs of IAMCR members who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference. You must have a paper accepted for presentation in order to apply and you must have been a paid up member of IAMCR for at least one full year.*

The thirteen travel grants are available to early-stage scholars (who have no tenured position at the moment of applying) who have been members in good standing of IAMCR for at least one full year (2014 & 2015), currently reside in low or middle income countries (see IAMCR's country classification list) and who have an abstract accepted for full presentation at the conference. Successful grant applicants will be required to submit their full paper by 19 June 2015. Scholars who have been recipients of more than one IAMCR conference grant in the past are not eligible. For co-authored papers, only the first author will be eligible for a grant unless he or she is unable to attend the conference.

Applications must be made online at

Deadline: The deadline for applications is 7 April 2015.

Decisions: Winners will be notified within two weeks of the deadline and will have another two weeks to confirm their acceptance, after which unconfirmed grants will be reassigned to other applicants.
Requirements after acceptance: Successful applicants must submit their full papers by 19 June. The travel grants will only be paid after the full paper has been submitted to the IAMCR Online Conference System and a confirmation email, including a signed letter committing awardees to reimburse the grant if they do not attend the conference and present their paper, has been received by IAMCR's Treasurer. Costs inflicted by currency exchanges and bank charges may be deducted from the final grant amount.

As no payment will be made before full paper submission, and international bank transfers can take up to two weeks, grant recipients are encouraged to submit their full paper as early as possible.

How to apply?: Apply online at when you have the confirmation that your paper has been accepted for presentation (Section and Working Group heads' decisions are due by 23 March). Deadline 7 April.

* You must be a current member and have been a member in 2014. Representatives and PhD Student Representatives of institutional members of IAMCR are eligible to apply.

Please consider making a donation to the travel grant fund. It's a great way to encourage emerging scholars and new perspectives within IAMCR.

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