IAMCR awards 5 more travel grants for Dublin 2013

IAMCR has awarded an additional 5 travel grants to young scholars from lower-income countries. The grants were made possible by financial resources generated by the organisers of IAMCR's 2012 conference in Durban.

The 5 additional grants, together with those announced in April, mean that an additional 21 young scholars from low and middle-income countries will be able to attend the Dublin conference in June.

We would like to thank the organisers of the 2012 conference in Durban and the 2013 conference in Dublin for their generous contributions in support of IAMCR's commitment to stimulating a global intellectual exchange and in particular to ensuring the conference's international diversity and encouraging the presence of young scholars. We would also like to thank the many members who applied for travel support and, of course, to congratulate those who were selected.

Below is the name and country of residence of the 5 recently-announced award winners as well as the title of the paper they will present and the name of the Section or Working Group. Details of the previously-announced award can be found in the article IAMCR awards 16 travel grants for Dublin 2013.

  1. Alet Janse van Rensburg, South Africa. “Indifference to climate change: the case of South African audiences”, Audience Section
  2. Diego Ignacio Cespedes and Antonio Figueroa, Chile. “The espectacularization of politics in the Chilean written press between 1990 and 2010”, Journalism Research Education Section
  3. Subba Rao, India. “Are perceptions of obesity and its risk factors different among ‘overweight’ and ‘normal weight’ adolescents? - Findings from formative research in South India”, Health Communication Working Group
  4. Shanthini Sarah, India. “A comparative analysis of Community Radio Stations managed by educational institutions and NGO’s in Tamil Nadu, India”, Community Communication Section
  5. Uma Shankar Pandey, India. “Digital Competence Index: Proposing a Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Measure Digital Divide”, Digital Divide Working Group