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The IAMCR Newsletter is an electronic publication for members of the International Association for Media and Communication Research.

The newsletter is edited by IAMCR Vice-Presidents Aimée Vega and Pradip Thomas with the assistance of Comunica.

Aimée Vega edits the Spanish- language texts and translation is by Gabriela Hernández (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

Send material for inclusion in the newsletter and/or posting on the website to news [at]

The most recent issue of the newsletter is emailed to IAMCR members only. Some past issues are available online for non-members.

IAMCR Newsletter | July 2016
IAMCR Newsletter | April 2016
IAMCR Newsletter | January 2016
IAMCR Newsletter | October 2015
IAMCR Newsletter July 2015
IAMCR Newsletter April 2015
IAMCR Newsletter December 2014
IAMCR Newsletter September 2014
IAMCR Newsletter November 2013


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