Members' books

In this section we announce recently published books by IAMCR members to the IAMCR community. If you are a member of IAMCR and would like to have your recent book listed, send us a message...

By Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik & Karin Wahl-Jorgensen. This book offers a new understanding of citizenship in an age defined by data collection and processing.
Edited by Sumit Narula, Swapnil Rai, Archana Sharma - An essential reference source for individuals seeking to raise awareness of environmental issues through social media platforms.
By Aimee Rickman
This book investigates how young women creatively call upon social media in everyday attempts to address, mediate, and negotiate the struggles they face in their offline lives as minors, females, and ethnic and racial minorities
Edited by Florencia Enghel and Jessica Noske-Turner. "A critical text for students and scholars in the areas of development communication and international development".
Edited by Jonathan Hardy, Iain MacRury and Helen Powell this fully revised and updated edition of The Advertising Handbook is a comprehensive and accessible guide to contemporary advertising and marketing theory and practice, designed to meet the requirements, interests and terms of reference of the most recent generation of media and advertising students.
Edited by IAMCR members Leen d'Haenens, Helena Sousa and Josef Trappel, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the current European media in a period of disruptive transformation.
Edited by Susana Priest, Jean Goodwin, and Michael F. Dahlstrom - Contributors to this volume explore the many complex questions surrounding the communication of scientific results to nonscientists, distributed in three sections —how ethics matters, professional practice, and case studies.