Post-Snowden Internet Policy

Communication Policy & Technology Section

The latest issue of Media and Communication (Vol. 5, issue 1, 2017) focuses on "Post-Snowden Internet Policy". The issue was guest-edited by Julia Pohle, vice-chair of the International Association for Media and Communication Research's Communication Policy and Technology Section, and Leo Van Audenhove, a member of the section. The issue was co-sponsored by the Communication Policy and Technology Section and includes several articles by members of IAMCR and the section.

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Table of Contents

  • Post-Snowden Internet Policy: Between Public Outrage, Resistance and Policy Change - Julia Pohle and Leo Van Audenhove
  • Outrage without Consequences? Post-Snowden Discourses and Governmental Practice in Germany - Stefan Steiger , Wolf J. Schünemann and Katharina Dimmroth
  • Intelligence Reform and the Snowden Paradox: The Case of France - Félix Tréguer
  • Networked Authoritarianism and the Geopolitics of Information: Understanding Russian Internet Policy - Nathalie Maréchal
  • Migrating Servers, Elusive Users: Reconfigurations of the Russian Internet in the Post-Snowden Era - Ksenia Ermoshina and Francesca Musiani
  • Clipper Meets Apple vs. FBI—A Comparison of the Cryptography Discourses from 1993 and 2016
    Matthias Schulze
  • Corporate Privacy Policy Changes during PRISM and the Rise of Surveillance Capitalism - Priya Kumar
  • Metadata Laws, Journalism and Resistance in Australia - Benedetta Brevini