Section and Working Group Activities

Audience Section 

Comic Art Working Group

Community Communication and Alternative Media Section

  • COC Section mailing list for circulating section-related updates. If you would like to be included on the list, please contact the section chair.

Digital Divide Working Group

Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication Working Group

Emerging Scholars Network

Gender and Communication Section

History Section

Law Section

Media Education Research Section

  • Maintains a LinkedIn profile: MER IAMCR
  • Maintains a Facebook page:
  • Is planning a pre-conference in Cartagena on Global Shifts in Media Education: Where are we now?

Media Production Analysis Working Group

Mediated Communication, Public Opinion & Society Section 

Participatory Communication Research Section 

Political Communication Section

  • Is planning a pre-conference in Cartagena on Political communication in times of failed democratic expectations

Political Econmy Section

Popular Culture Working Group

Has its own mailing list (click on the link to subscribe):

Post-Socialist and Post-Authoritarian Communication Working Group 

Religion Communication and Culture Working Group 

Visual Culture Working Group