New section & working group officers

The following sections and working groups elected new officers during their business meetings at the Madrid conference. New officers are elected for four year terms. 

IAMCR would like to express its sincere thanks to the outgoing officers and to welcome the new ones. 

In the list below, newly elected officers are marked in bold. Those not in bold are continuing with their previous mandates. To see the heads of any section or working group not listed here (i.e. that did not hold elections in 2019), visit select the group’s page from the list of all sections and working groups.


Communication Policy and Technology

  • Co-chair: Francesca Musiani
  • Co-chair: Julia Pohle
  • Vice chair: Jeremy Shtern
  • Vice chair: Weiyu Zhang

Community Communication and Alternative Media

  • Co-Chair: Andrea Medrado
  • Co-Chair: Vinod Pavarala
  • Vice chair: Claudia Magallanes-Blanco
  • Vice chair: Alejandro Barranquero

Emerging Scholars Network

  • Co-Chair: Ksenia Ermoshina
  • Co-Chair: Sibo Chen
  • Vice chair: Steph Hill


  • Co-Chair: Loreto Corredoira
  • Co-Chair: Rodrigo Cetina Presuel
  • Vice chair: Fernando Gutiérrez-Atala
  • Vice chair: Lucas Logan

Media Education Research

  • Chair: Sara Pereira
  • Vice chair: Ruchi Kher Jaggi
  • Vice chair: Michael Hoechsman
  • Vice chair: Leena Ripatti-Torniainen

Political Communication Research 

  • Co-Chair: Julio Juárez Gámiz
  • Co-Chair: Marie Grusell
  • Vice Chair: André Haller
  • Vice Chair: Martín Echeverría
  • Vice Chair: Sara Garcia

Political Economy

  • Chair: Rodrigo Gómez
  • Vice chair: Peter Thompson
  • Vice chair: Benjamin J. Birkinbine
  • Vice chair: Yu Hong

Working Groups

Diaspora and the Media

  • Co-Chair: Sofía Cavalcanti Zanforlin
  • Co-Chair: Jessica Retis
  • Vice-Chair: Sumana Chattopadhyay

Health Communication

  • Co-Chair: SubbaRao M Gavaravarapu
  • Co-Chair: Yolanda Paul
  • Vice chair: Sinikka Torkkola
  • Vice chair: Eliza Govender

Media Production Analysis

  • Co-Chair: Willemien Sanders
  • Co-Chair: Anna Zoellner

Popular Culture

  • Chair: Tonny Krijnen
  • Vice-Chair: Niall Brennan
  • Vice-Chair: Frederik Dhaenens

Visual Culture

  • Co-Chair: Denize Correa Araujo
  • Co-Chair: Sunny Yoon
  • Vice-Chair (interim): Thomas Wiedemann