Sections and Working Groups in action

Photo (cc) flickr user Jason Howie

Several Sections and Working Groups host pages on Facebook and other social media, while others send occasional bulletins or newsletters to keep in touch with their members during the year outside the formal conference. Additionally some of them collaborate with peer-reviewed journals, providing publication opportunities for their members.

Below you will find the links to join your Section or Working Group in social media, to the most recent newsletters, and to the journals they collaborate with.

Click on the name of any section or working group in the menu to get more information about it.

If you are an IAMCR member, login to your account to join up to three sections and working groups. 

Audience Section

Comic Art Working Group

Communication in Post- and Neo-Authoritarian Societies Working Group

Community Communication and Alternative Media Section
Follow on Twitter @CamIamcr

Crisis, Security and Conflict Communication Working Group

Diaspora and Media Working Group
In collaboration with the Journal of Global Diaspora and Media

Digital Divide Working Group

Gender and Communication Section

Global Media Policy Working Group
Follow on Twitter @IAMCRGMP

International Communication Section
In collaboration with Global Media and China journal.

Journalism Research and Education Section

Media Education Research Section

Media Sector Development Working Group

Participatory Communication Research Section

Political Communication Research Section

Political Economy Section
In collaboration with The Political Economy of Communication journal.

Popular Culture Working Group

Religion and Communication Working Group
WhatsApp group: if you are a member of the REC working Group send your name and mobile telephone number (including international code) to Joseph Muyangata ( to request being included in the WhatsApp group.