CPT "Internet Policy Review" issue

Internet Policy Review

The chairs of IAMCR's Communication Policy and Technology Section (CPT) would like to bring your attention to our recently released special issue - ‘Practicing rights and values in internet policy around the world,’ available open access in the Internet Policy Review journal.

The special issue includes five papers on internet policy and its impacts on citizens and consumers in Europe, Australia, the Americas, and Africa. All were presented in the Communication Policy & Technology (CPT) section at the International Association for Media and Communication Research conference, Eugene, Oregon, 2018.

The CPT chairing team also authored an editorial ‘Communication and internet policy: a critical rights-based history and future’ to situate the history and current contributions of CPT and IAMCR more generally in relationship to the field of Internet Policy research. CPT has been a platform for researching telecommunications policy and infrastructure since 1974 and in 1990 “policy” was explicitly added to the section name.

We argue in this editorial that IAMCR scholars have played an important role in developing a critical rights-based approach to communication policy and later internet policy. You can read it at https://policyreview.info/articles/analysis/communication-and-internet-…;

This special issue aims to specifically cross some of the international and disciplinary boundaries facing internet policy researchers, and contribute to the development of internet policies that operate in the public interest, but also are built upon the legacy of activism and research that developed in relation to older communication systems.

The Internet Policy Review is an open access online journal, founded in 2013, which contributes empirical research, analysis and current affairs coverage to contemporary debate about media, information technology, telecommunications and internet governance. The Internet Policy Review is a publication of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, based in Berlin, Germany, in partnership with several research units and institutes across Europe.

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the IAMCR Section and Working Groups Fund for this special issue. We would also like to acknowledge the work of our IAMCR colleagues who generously took part in the open peer review process.

Aphra, Francesca and Julia

CPT-IAMCR chairing team