East and West workshop 2022 - CfP

Power, Control and Cyber Governance: Discourse from the East and the West

Bochum, Germany, and online 12 July – 13 July, 2022

An international workshop jointly hosted by the International Communication Section of IAMCR, The Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS), and the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

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Recent years have seen continuous reconfiguration of power relationship among governments, market and the public in response to digital technologies. Digital platforms have shown increasing power in shaping social order and everyday routines, outshining traditional institutions in practically every aspect (van Dijk, 2019). Super powers have been engaging in a new round of confrontations. For example, in the U.S., President Biden initiated the agenda to secure the free market for middle classes at home (the Economist, 2022), whereas in China, a series of political policies were issued to structure and limit the emerging platforms in the name of national interests (Cyberspace Ministry, 2019). It is a global trend for states to be increasingly reliant on instant data generated by the digital platforms for decision making (Srneick, 2019), while trying to insert greater control over digital space. Contrary to the “technological positive” imagination (see: Curran, 2012), the trend represents an ongoing negotiation between the political, economic and various other societal forces.  

The study context brings opportunities for this workshop to explore the internet order brought by the political, economic and social negotiations from a global perspective. Themed on power, control, and cyber governance, we do not merely assume a top-down and economic determinism of the internet and the society. Instead, we welcome studies that record the process of the changes and challenges from macro, mezzo and micro levels. The workshop will engage conversations around three thematic tracks, including:

Global Perspective of Power, Control, and Internet Governance
We encourage projects and research at the international level and/or with comparative perspectives. 
Track Leader: Prof. Ji Deqiang, Communication University of China, jideqiang@cuc.edu.cn; and/or Prof. Dr. Karen Arriaza Ibarra, arriazaibarra@ccinf.ucm.es 

Regional Perspective of Power, Control, and Internet Governance
Studies from regional level ranging from greater China, ASIEAN to EUROPEAN regions are welcome.
Track Leader: Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS)
Local Perspective of Power, Control, and Internet Governance
Local studies and stories about how the internet enables and constraints the existing power structure are welcome. 
Track Leader: Prof. Steve Guo, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, guo@hkbu.edu.hk;  and Dr. Luqiu Rose,  School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, roseluqiu@hkbu.edu.hk

Submission Information

In line with CAIS' mission of nurturing young scholars, we require applicants for the workshop to be current Ph.D students preferably in ABD status (or at an advanced level of their Ph.D program). Applicants should submit a project abstract of roughly 500-750 words in English in pdf. format. The deadline for submission is 17 April, 2022. If accepted, complete papers within 8,000 words in text are due by 12 June, 2022. Please submit your abstract to angela@hkbu.edu.hk with indication of the track information at the title. 

For all questions, please contact angelawd@hkbu.edu.hk

Resulting publications

Online Media and Global Communication has agreed to publish a respective special issue from the best work among the workshop, and another linked workshop at CAIS after a referee process.