Thematic journal issue: Rescuing participation

Volume 36 of the Portuguese journal "Comunicação e Sociedade", entitled “Rescuing participation”, has been published in December 2019. It was co-edited by Ana Duarte Melo, vice-chair of the PCR section, and Nico Carpentier, chair of the section, together with Fábio Ribeiro. The thematic issue of this journal has 10 main articles, that are available both in English and in Portuguese. As this is an open access journal, the issue is available for free at

Rescuing participation deals with questions such as: Why is participation relevant? What is meant when the concept is used? How can we ensure that participation is used/organized in a responsible way? How can it be rendered meaningful in the different spaces of society? The thematic issue was produced by researchers from different latitudes that span the globe. Many come from Europe (Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden), but some come from Brazil and Indonesia. These authors present their perspectives on what they see as a positive – and pragmatic – approach to participation, in a variety of fields, including public consultations on environmental issues; participation within the scope of cultural policy; participation in elementary schools (as a media literacy project); in fiction/drama; and, ultimately, as a way to engage underprivileged and marginalized communities. This thematic issue thus offers a convincing case, theoretically and analytically embedded, for the relevance of participation in the many fields that make up our societies.

Table of contents

Comunicação e Sociedade vol. 36 – December 2019

Introductory note

Fábio Ribeiro, Ana Duarte Melo & Nico Carpentier
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Rescuing participation: a critique on the dark participation concept

Nico Carpentier, Ana Duarte Melo & Fábio Ribeiro

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Participation in a datafied environment: questions about data literacy

Miren Gutiérrez

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Beyond the hindrances: experiences of public consultations and the possibility of ethics and relevance in participation

Maria Fernandes-Jesus, Eunice Castro Seixas & Anabela Carvalho

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The democratic value of participation in Swedish cultural policy

Sofia Lindström Sol

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Active citizenship and participation through the media: a community project focused on pre-school and primary school children

Vitor Tome, Paula Lopes, Bruno Reis & Carlos Pedro Dias

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The practice of mediated participation in Indonesian marginalised communities

Kurniawan Adi Saputro & Bari Paramarta Islam

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Participation and intangible cultural heritage: a case study of “Tava, place of reference for the Guarani people”

Rodrigo Lacerda

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Online platforms for citizen participation: meta-synthesis and critical analysis of their social and political impacts

Rose Marie Santini & Hanna Carvalho

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Meaningful participation via negotiated narratives

Anna Zaluczkowska

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Participation as a talisman: a metaphorical-theoretical reflection about the conceptualization of participation

Ignacio Bergillos

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