Section Head Election 2017 - Call for Candidates and Statements

Audience Section

The IAMCR Audience Section will run partial elections for section chair and co-vice chair positions during its business meeting during the IAMCR2017 at Cartagena.

The current Chair Peter Lunt and co-chair Miguel Vicente are stepping down after four years working together on the audience section. We would like to publicly express our gratitude to Miguel for all his efforts in support of the section and to Peter for organizing the IAMCR2016 conference at Leicester.

The current co-vice chair Asta Zelenkauskaite will stay in her position having been elected in 2016 at the Leicester conference.

We hereby call for candidacies for a Chair and for co-Vice Chair positions. Please send us your statement (500 words) to the section Chair Peter Lunt <pl108 (at)> with a copy to IAMCR General Secretary Gerard Goggin <gerard.goggin (at)>  and to the IAMCR secretariat <membership (at)> by July 2, 2017.

You will find the election rules at:

If you have any questions about the roles do contact either Peter or Miguel for further information.

Election Statements

Candidate; Miguel Vicente-Mariño

Position: Vice-Chair (renewal)

By means of this statement, I would like to put forward my candidacy to renew my position as Co-Vice Chair of the Audience Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. After being elected in 2013, I have enjoyed an insightful experience working with my IAMCR section colleagues, namely Peter Lunt, Toshie Takahashi and Asta Zelenkauskaite during the last four years. I currently hold a good knowledge about the internal structure of the association and I think that this experience could be positive for the upcoming term.

Since 2013 I have actively worked as a team member of the Audience Section, sharing with my colleagues the responsibilities related to our annual conference, held in Dublin, Hyderabad, Montreal, Leicester and Cartagena. I was in charge of the communication with our membership during the four-year term, opening a Facebook page as a way to reinforce our contact with our colleagues. Together with Peter Lunt, we also edited a special issue at Tripodos Journal, so this could be the path to be followed in the future.

Thinking about the next four years, I would like to keep working with my colleagues strengthening the field of Audience Studies, by means of global projects. The bridges with  the  Latin  American  countries  will  also  be  reinforced,  as connections  after Cartagena are well established and new collaborations must arise from our knowledge and experience.

Miguel Vicente-Mariño