U.S. election analysis

U.S. Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign

Join the Political Communication Research Section's online event to discuss the report U.S. Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign with one of its editors, Darren Lilleker.

Featuring 91 contributions from over 115 leading US and international academics, and published 11 days after the election, the election analysis report captures immediate thoughts, reflections and early research insights on the 2020 U.S. presidential election from the cutting edge of media and politics research. During the event Darren Lilleker will introduce the report, highlighting some  key insights, and questions will be taken from the online audience.

All IAMCR members are invited to attend but you must register in advance by emailing Marie Grusell, chair of the Political Communication Section, at marie.grusell [at] jmg.gu.se.

Read the report at https://www.electionanalysis.ws/us/, register for the event, and then join the Political Communication Section next Tuesday.

Date: Tuesday 1 December 2020
Time: 1800 (CET), 1700 (GMT)
Place: Zoom