Journalism Research and Education Section Members

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  • Dr. Melissa Wall
    California State University - Northridge, Journalism
    Northridge , United States
    Keywords: Journalism, social media, citizen journalism, participatory media, refugees
  • Mr. zhifeng wang
    Communication University of China
    北京市朝阳区 , China
  • Prof. Herman Wasserman
    Centre for Film and Media Studies, University of Cape Town
    Cape Town , South Africa
  • Prof. David H. Weaver
    Indiana University
    Bloomington , United States
    Keywords: journalism studies, media agenda setting, media and elections, media and democracy
  • Ms. Elisabeth Wennerström
    UPPSALA , Sweden
  • Yanfang Wu
    Coral Gables , United States
  • Dr. Sherry Yu
    University of Toronto, Department of Arts, Culture and Media
    Toronto , Canada
  • Ms. Yue Yuan
    Beijing Foreign Studies University
    Beijing , China
    Keywords: intercultural communication, international communication
    Fundación Comunica
    Montevideo , Uruguay
  • Dr. Barbie Zelizer
    Annenberg School for Communication
    Philadelphia , United States
  • Ms. Xinyu Zhang
    Communication University of China
    Beijing , China
  • Dr. Shixin Zhang
    The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, School of International Communications
    Ningbo , China
    Keywords: International Journalism, Crisis Communication, War Reporting, China
  • Prof. Ruhan ZHAO
    Communication University of CHINA
    Beijing , China
    Keywords: Communication Theory, Journalism
  • Mr. Hongyu Zhu
    Communication University of China
    Beijing , China