Community Communication and Alternative Media - Who We Are

The Community Communication and Alternative Media section focuses on media that originates, circulates and resonates from the sphere of civil society. Broadly defined, this is the field of communication that exists outside of the state and the market (often non-government and non-profit), yet which may interact with both.  We seek to advance research on the objectives, practices and dynamics of community, alternative and citizens' media, including issues of localism, politics, socio-economics, language, ethnicity, gender, or other interests and intersections.  Our concerns include issues of media access, participation and reception; media projects undertaken by marginalized and underrepresented groups; development and support of community-based media institutions and infrastructures; communication practices by social movements; innovative forms of media activism; interactions between classic community and new social media; alternative forms of journalism; and theoretical contributions to the research, evaluation and practice of community communication. We welcome both theoretical and applied research, as well as research conducted at both micro and macro levels of analysis.

The Community Communication section operates a mailing list for circulating section-related updates. If you would like to be included on the list, please contact the section chair.