Religion and Communication Working Group

This Working Group has a special interest in religious aspects of communication. It seeks to foster international cooperation in the field, discussion and exchange of ideas, and common research projects.

This Working Group considers important topics around the interaction between religion and the media, including: images of religion in mass media; news coverage of religion; film and religion; the impact of media and communication on religious communities;  religious media; and religious public relations. In addition, the working group has an interest in theological approaches to the mass media - ancient and modern; and in communication theories  and religion.

Chair: Binod Agrawal (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India) [contact]
Vice-Chair: Yoël Cohen (School of Communication, Ariel University, Israel) [contact]
Vice-Chair (interim): Míriam Díez Bosch (Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals Blanquerna. Fundació Blanquerna, Spain) [contact]

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istanbulInternational Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)29th Annual Conference, July 13-17, 2011, Istanbul, TurkeyCities, Creativity, Connectivity
Media and the Connectivity in Cities Shaping New Relations with the Religious
Braga 2010Citizenship continues to be practiced, to evolve, and to be qualified by the mix of media, religion & culture, usually at implicit levels. It is not always clear, though, how religion serves in a communicative role, especially in the mass media.  The IAMCR Media, Religion and Culture Working Group invites proposals for papers exploring clarifications of the religious as  a context for civil...