Audience Section Members

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  • Dr. Miguel Vicente Mariño
    University of Valladolid
    Segovia , Spain
    Keywords: Audience Studies, Research Methods, Environmental Communication, Political Communication, Public Opinion
  • Prof. Mikko Villi
    University of Jyväskylä
    Jyväskylän yliopisto , Finland
  • Ms. Yuanxin Wang
    Beijing , China
  • Ms. Yaning Wang
    Audience Research Center(ARC),Communication University of China
    Beijing , China
    Keywords: younger audiences, overseas Chinese audiences, audience measurement, Chinese TV program
  • Mr. Bambang Sukma Wijaya
    Department of Communication Science, Bakrie University
    Bandung Barat , Indonesia
    Keywords: branding, marketing communication, brand and consumer culture, ambient media, creative advertising, Indonesian popular c
  • Dr. Fang Wu
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Shanghai , China
  • Dr. Maulina Pia Wulandari
    Communication Department Universitas Brawijaya
    Malang , Indonesia
    Keywords: Public Relations, Organizational Communication
  • Mr. Chen Xing
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Journalism and Communication
    Hong Kong , Hong Kong
  • Miao XU
    Hong Kong , Hong Kong
  • Rui Xu
    Aarhus University
    Aarhus N , Denmark
    Beijing , China
  • Mr. Zesheng Yang
    Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
    Beijing , China
    Keywords: Sports Communication, Olympic Games, National Identity
  • Qiqi Yao
    Communication University of China
    Beijing , China
  • Mr. kaimin Yin
    Minzu University of China
    Beijing , China
  • Dr. Jun Yu
    Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics & Political Science
    London , United Kingdom
  • Dr. Asta Zelenkauskaite
    Drexel University
    Philadelphia , United States
    Keywords: audience research, mixed-method approach, social media, online interaction, user analysis
  • Dr. Suqiu Zhang
    Communication University of China
    Beijing , China
  • Ms. Hong Zhang
    College of Media and International Culture
    Hangzhou , China
  • Xuan Zheng
    Tsinghua University
    Beijing , China
    Keywords: New media, cyberspace governance, film and television industry
  • Mr. Nansong Zhou
    University of International Relations
    Beijing , China
    Keywords: game studies; digital divide; popular culture; social interaction; context
  • Ms. Jingwen Zhou
    JingHua , China
    Umass Amherst
    ALBANY, NY , United States