2017 - Reflections & memories

In this page we are collecting links to videos, photos, articles and other information about the 2017 conference in Cartagena, Colombia. This is a work in progress. If you have anything to add to the page, please send it to membership@iamcr.org.

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Videos of the Opening Session

After welcoming comments, Omar Rincón (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) offered an overview of Latin American communication and media research, drawing on the 20th century Martin-Barberian map of communication and calling for new and different discourses and concepts. Also, he shared the recording of a recent interview with Jesús Martín-Barbero.

After Rincón’s lively presentation, Nick Couldry (LSE, UK), Amparo Marroquin Parducci (UCA, El Salvador), Francisco Sierra (ULEPICC, Spain), and German Rey (Universidad Javeriana, Colombia) responded to Martin-Barbero’s From the Media to Mediations.

  • Notes on Martin-Barbero’s From the Media to Mediations  Part 1  - Part 2


Nick Couldry      A. Marroquín        Francisco Sierra        Germán Rey        Omar Rincón

The session concluded with presentations of the 2017 IAMCR awards.

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Videos of the Closing Session

The 60th anniversary of the IAMCR was celebrated with music, memories, and mirth. The past was celebrated and the present critiqued by Roque Farone (from Uruguay and one of the founding members in 1957), Kaarle Nordenstreng (Finland), Cees Hamelink (The Netherlands), and Robin Mansell (UK/Canada).

Roque Farone        K. Nordenstreng     C Hamelink           Robin Mansell

Further comments on current research traditions around the world were offered by Leah Komen (Kenya), Deqiang Ji (China), and Helena Sousa (Portugal), while Guy Berger (UNESCO) recalled UNESCO’s history related to communication and media.

Leah Komen            Deqiang Ji             Helena Sousa          Guy Berger

The 2018 IAMCR conference in Eugene, Oregon, USA, was presented by Gabriela Martinez (University of Oregon, US). The theme of the event will be “Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media in a Changing World,” and will take place June 20-24, 2018.

The session concluded with a celebration of the 2017 conference, with thank yous from the IAMCR to the conference organizers.

Videos of UNESCO invited session

Media and Social Media: Meeting the Issues of Terrorism and Violent Extremism

This session, moderated by Guy Berger (UNESCO), included responses to several recent UNESCO publications. Divina Frau Meigs (France) discussed “Social Media & Radicalization of Youth to Violent Extremism,” followed by respondents Robin Mansell (UK) and Kate Coyer (Hungary).  Silvio Waisbord (USA) and Gholam Kiabani (UK) responded to the publication, “Countering Online Hate Speech,” and Manisha Pathak-Shelat (India) and Abiodun Salawu (South Africa) discussed “Media and Information Literacy: Reinforcing Human Rights, Countering Radicalization and Extremism.” The panel ended with Megan Knight (UK) responding to UNESCO’s “Terrorism and the Media: A Handbook for Journalists.”

Videos of the Special Session - International Panel on Social Progress 

New Mutations and Territorialities since the MacBride Report. A Discussion of the Chapter on Media and Communication of the International Panel For Social Progress

Moderated by Clemencia Rodríguez (USA) and with Sasha Costanza-Chock (USA) and Gustavo Gómez (Uruguay) as discussants, this roundtable  included presentations by Nick Couldry (UK),  Claudia Magallanes (Mexico),  Herman Wasserman (South Africa), Omar Rincón (Colombia) and Marwan Kraidy (USA)

Video of ALAIC (Asociación latinoamericana de investigadores de la comunicación / Latin American Association of Communication Researchers) Invited session

Research Traditions in Dialogue: Communication Studies in Latin America and Europe

Convened by Fernando Oliveira Paulino (Brazil). Panelists: Gabriel Kaplún, Universidad de la República and ALAIC, Uruguay, César Bolaño (Brazil), Nico Carpentier (Sweden/ Belgium), Miguel Vicente-Mariño (Spain) and Leonardo Custodio (Finland)

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Video of ICA (International Communication Association) invited session

Academic Citizenship in Demanding Times

This invited session, organized by the International Communication Association, addressed the role of academics in a changing world and considered questions related to popular movements and the role of academia. Panelists included Peng Hwa Ang (Singapore), Barbie Zelizer (USA), Silvio Waisbord (USA), and Jairo Lugo-Ocando (UK).

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Videos of Panel 2

Surveillance and Freedom of Expression: New Nationalisms?

Issues related to freedom of expression and regulatory frameworks were featured in this session, which was chaired by Gustavo Gómez (Uruguay) and included presentations by Nick Couldry (UK), Joana Varon (Brazil), and Germán Rey (Colombia).

Video of FELAFACS - (Federación Latinomericana de Facultades y Programas de Comunicación Social) Invited Session / Latin American Federation of Faculties and Programmes in Social Communication)

How to build up communication bridges between the North and the Global South?

Thursday, July 19th, 2017
Chair: Rafael González Pardo
Participants: Toby Miller, Gabriel Kaplum, Jesús Arroyave, Juan Fernando Muñoz, Daniel C. Hallin y María Immacolata Vasallo.

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A Thank you! video produced by the Participatory Communication Research Section

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Hundreds of pictures of the conference are gathered in Flickr, grouped by day.

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Monday - July 17th


More than 1,400 papers and panels were confirmed for presentation at IAMCR 2017. We prepared a book with all the abstracts scheduled for presentation within each section and working group.

Reflections and Comments

Travel Grant recipients' comments

This year, 20 travel grants have been awarded to early-stage scholars. Some of them have sent their comments and reflections on their experience in IAMCR 2017 in Cartagena. Click on their names to read their comments.

Willemien Calitz, South Africa

Camila Garcia Kieling, Brazil

Karthik Kamalanathan, India

Nithila Kanagasabai, India 

Trang Pham, Vietnam

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Other reflections and comments


  • Who went to IAMCR Cartagena 2017?
    This article analyses participation at IAMCR 2017 in the light of IAMCR's objective of providing a diverse and global forum for academic exchange, with a special emphasis on encouraging the participation of emerging scholars, women and those from economically disadvantaged regions.


Prizes and Awards

IAMCR/UCF Urban Communication Research Grant

New Directions for Climate Communication Research Fellowship

IAMCR Prize in Memory of Dallas W. Smythe

IAMCR Distinguished Contribution Award